Wall Linings – Dot and Dab

Example of our taping and jointing service

Coastal Drywall provide high quality dry internal linings. They can be used for all types of wall construction.

Linings can be fully or partially independent of the structure, or can simply be bonded directly to the wall surface. These products are used in all types of buildings, including private housing, flats and apartments, as well as commercial, institutional, and recreational properties.

Boards can be installed on a metal wall liner system over brick, block or concrete walls or fixed with dabs of adhesive by using the dot & dab procedure. This method is quick and effective as the boards can be finished and ready for decoration in a shorter time frame.

The linings are equally suited to both new-build and refurbishment work. The range covers all applications from a basic wallboard lining through to high performance linings designed to meet thermal and sound insulation, fire protection, or impact resistance requirements.