Metal Stud Partition Wall

Example of a metal stud wall

Standard metal stud partitions may be specified with confidence for non-loadbearing partitions and speed of construction.

  • For both commercial and domestic partitions
  • Versatile systems to meet nearly every performance requirement
  • Minimum amount of components

These systems can utilise the entire range of boards, including Standard Wallboard or Plasterboard, Moisture Resistant board for moist or humid conditions, Sound or dB board for areas requiring noise reduction, Fire board for areas requiring fire resistance, Vapour or Duplex Board for areas requiring vapour control, depending on the performance required.

The boards are fixed onto a lightweight metal framework of ‘C’ Studs, or ‘I’ studs.

Standard ‘C’ Stud Partitions provide the simplest and most economical system, whilst the using of ‘I’ Stud Partitions should be used where a more rigid partition is required, without increasing the overall thickness.

‘I’ stud partitions can be taken up to over 10m in height. Cut outs within the stud allow for services to pass through without disturbing the integrity of the partition.

Vertical service runs are easily accommodated within the metal framework. The finished partition can then be skim plastered finished or taped and jointed to suit.