Grid and Tile Ceilings

Example of a grid ceiling

Grid and Tile Ceilings are the perfect solution for a clean cut looking ceiling which also allows the space above the ceiling to be readily accessible. These ceilings are comprised of a metal grid and ceiling tiles. The ceiling tile properties can be tailored to suit specifications depending on what acoustic or fire resistant performance is required.

They allow easy access to pipes, electrical wiring, computer wiring, or anything else you would like concealed. Grid and Tile Ceilings are usually installed when a building is being built, although installing grid and tile ceilings into an existing structure is also easily done.

Coastal Drywall has a ceiling solution to suit all interior finishing. If you have already decided to get a grid and tile ceiling installed in your office or building, or if you are just thinking about getting a grid and tile ceiling installed, you have come to the right place.