The two main types of finishing on interior surfaces are a plaster finish and a tape and joint finish.

Plaster finish on interiors can be either float and set or just a skim plaster finish. A float and set finish requires a base coat plaster or sand and cement, with a skim coat of finish plaster on top, to give a smooth finish ready for decoration.

Float and set can be used to take out slight discrepancies along a wall ending up with a smooth even finish. Finish plaster can also be used direct on to any plasterboard installation applied at 3mm-5mm thick to give a finish ready to take decoration.


example of our taping & jointing service

Tape and jointing is applied by hand or machine, direct to plasterboard to cover all joints and screw holes to give a seamless finish, starting with scrimming the joints with a fibre tape. Joint filler is then applied which beds the tape in to the joint, the tape acts to stop the joints cracking. Two further coats of filler are applied, which when dry can be sanded down to give a smooth even finish across the area ready for decoration.

The latest application method of tape and jointing is to apply using a machine, where the joint cement is sprayed over the joints, this gives an even higher standard of finish.

Coastal Drywall provide a full exterior plastering service, including sand and cement render; also
Monocouche Renders including Cemrend, Renderpral and K Rend. These renders come in many colours, are water repellent and very low maintenance.

 We also provide a complete screeding service.

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